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“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”
― Warren Buffett


     This blog represents a personal exploration of making money online with the humblest of means - a desktop computer, Internet access and free web tools. This is not meant to teach but, rather, to share ideas that may help beginners who are exploring Internet marketing.

     Hi! My name is Guro Dan. I am a semi-retired martial arts instructor who have been blogging as a side hustle for about five years now. Starting out bereft of paid web tools, I managed to engage the learning curve with some success. I may not know much but I'm quite familiar with the basics.

     So, whether you're a few steps behind or a bit more advanced, this blog may have something you can use.

     Paid websites/blogs, custom domain names, hosting, autoresponders, membership platforms, advertising, etc. are online marketing enablers that cost serious dollars. Unfortunately, most newbies are on limited budgets. So the choice for most are free tools.

     While I recommend the use of paid tools to those who can afford, I believe that those who have special skills and know-how (e.g. martial arts) to share can attract a following with their unique content regardless. If the basics are met, content is still king.

     Speaking of content, I also use paid PLR materials. If you've seen them somewhere else already, fine. If it's your first time, then enjoy the freebie. 😉

     And why Blogger? Many have expressed concern about bandwidth limit on Blogspot or Blogger account. As I made my research, I didn’t see any limit on the traffic or bandwidth set on my blogs. You can upload up to 1GB of graphics and videos for each blog.

     Moreover, though not automated and limited to a hundred users for each blog, Blogger blogs can be configured for use as membership sites.

     With the lock-downs and all, many of my acquaintances are considering going online as well. Since we are basically of the same start-up predicament, I obliged to be study group leader. This blog is for them and anyone else who finds the information useful.

     If you're new here, please check out the blog's Privacy PolicyTerms & Conditions and Disclaimer.

     Thank you for visiting, and welcome to Guro Dan's!

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